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Solutions offers you strategies, insights, answers and revelations. Some are simple, others innovative and surprising and all ones that can change your work life for the better. Solutions offers you sixty of the best real-life dramas and enlightening answers from Dr. Lynne Curry’s three decade weekly newspaper column run in multiple newspapers. Written by a successful management consultant and coach, Solutions offers you your personal workplace 411/911 written in Curry’s warm, personal, enlightening and fun style. You Need a Solution When: 

  • You face a problem or challenge that doesn’t solve easily.
  • Your work life is good you want it to be great.
  • You want excellence or more than what comes easily.
  • You can’t see past your blind spot.
  • You need an answer.
  • You feel stuck and want to move forward.
  • You’re in a workplace firefight..

Reviews of Solutions by Lynne Curry

Whether you are an employee or an employer, this book will resonate. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have already been exposed to many of these problems that cause conflicts at work, resulting in stress and lost productivity, and negatively affecting health and happiness. The advice and case histories in the book are distilled from the author's experience during a long and successful career in human resource management and consulting. Names have been changed for obvious reasons, but at one time or another we have all experienced the Managerial Darth Vader, the Scrooge employee, and the two-faced co-worker, to mention a few of the characters in the short stories that illustrate the various chapter segments. Lynne Curry's book serves as a convenient manual in which you can look up a specific problem, and obtain professional advice on how to handle it, for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own human resource consultant. There is useful advice for employers on improving communication and productivity, motivating employees, effective hiring and retention practices, and meeting legal obligations. The book also provides excellent coaching for employees and prospective employees in dealing with difficult bosses and co-workers, setting and achieving goals, managing expectations, career building, and taking effective interviews. The author is not afraid to be specific, has a very direct, easy-to-read style, and each issue is dealt with in short, one to two page well indexed segments that are internally consistent and can be consulted as needed. This book is a great reference: it's all here. Either as insurance, or as damage control, this book is an excellent investment.
Verified Amazon Purchaser
I found the Solutions to be quite helpful. I think Ms. Curry really brings today's workforce concerns to the forefront. The 'bully boss' chapter is my favorite. Working in NJ I have dealt with this and really find it hard to maneuver this formidable force. Now I believe with the help of reading Solutions I am much better equipped. I think reading this book is a must if one is to successfully navigate the ladder to success!
Yolanda Wright
Verfied Amazon Purchaser
I began reading Solutions and it is really an awesome book. I love how Curry keeps the reader captivated where they want to continue reading. It is an excellent book. I wish I had such information when I was working and had been intimidated and harassed by work place bullies.
Bob Richardson
Author of Targeted: The Story of a Pathological Serial Work Place Bully
"Solutions" is aptly named. Lynne Curry presents practical answers to real workplace problems for employers and employees. Her engaging anecdotal style will make readers feel like they are in a conversation with their personal HR coach. Enlightening and enjoyable.
Patricia Watts
Verified Amazon Purchaser
Employer or employee, if you have a problem at work, do yourself a favor and read this! I just successfully applied what I learned to someone who's been difficult to work with for a long time. The relief is immense. This book showed me how to analyze what was happening, how I was reacting and how to accomplish what I needed to do to improve the problem. Insight was also provided on co-workers who are whiners, shirkers or just plain difficult, as well as on issues like employee relationships, ethics, and references. It's a well-written and easy to use guide by an insightful author.
Verified Amazon Purchaser
Quoting from Brittani Abe's review on Goodreads: Lynne Curry is a genius when it comes to workplace solutions. She has a special way of connecting with people and getting them to use new techniques to gain better work relationships (at all levels). Her writing style is unique and entertaining, making it fun AND informative! It's a must read!
Jenny Landon
Verified Amazon Purchaser
I loved Solutions! It is easy to understand with real life situations & solutions. Business psychology advice from a professional HR consultant at your fingertips. In Solutions, you get a glimpse into the brilliance of Lynne Curry. She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter and then gives you the answers you need to come out on top!
Trish Casey
Verified Amazon Purchaser
Engaging, realistic, practical and often entertaining, Lynne Curry’s newest book Solutions is an easy-to-use resource for answers in a crisis and information when things are calm. Well organized and written with the workplace in mind, Solutions offers perspective on and answers to a wide breadth of situations and questions people face every day as they interact with their colleagues. The author’s depth of experience is evident, and her ability to distill complex situations to their fundamental issues is refreshing and helpful. Solutions is a book worth having within easy reach.
Marcia Templin
Verified Amazon Purchaser
Lynne Curry sure knows how to handle sticky office situations. Her witty approach to each of the situations helps keep the book an interesting read. I found myself laughing several times because I've experienced so many of the people she describes- I just wish that I had read this book sooner! It's a great read.
Brittani Abe
Verified Amazon Purchaser
Employee or employer, if there’s a problem at work, do yourself a favor and read “Solutions”. I just successfully applied what I learned in “Solutions” to someone who’s been difficult to work with for a long time. The relief is immense. “Solutions” showed me how to analyze what was happening, how I was reacting, and how to accomplish what I needed to do to improve the problem. Insight was provided about coworkers who are whiners, shirkers, gossipers, or just plain difficult to spend your work days with, as well as on employment relationships, ethics, and references. It’s a well-designed and easy to use guide by an insightful author.
Mary Wasche
Author of 8 books