Lynne writes fiction about strong women navigating family bonds and romantic relationships in extraordinary circumstances.



It’s been almost a decade since Jess ended her marriage to an abusive bully, a man her estranged daughter Carly idolizes. Now, a human resources investigator, Jess has successfully taken down countless workplace bullies—but meets her match in Jenks, a high-dollar shark no one wants to touch. Carly married an attractive jock for all the […]

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High clouds in the Alaska wilderness

Her Next Hero

Jess Cassidy is engaged to the perfect man—an adventurous, big-living pilot—but when his plane crashes in an Alaskan winter storm, so do her dreams. Once, she’d been brave and willing to take chances, but her faith in herself—and the world—goes down with her fiancé’s Beechcraft. Three years after his death, Jess is still alone, devoted […]

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