Writing From the Cabin

A Drama in 127 Words: Leaning Forward

Here’s a story I wrote one evening waiting out a storm at the cabin that a favorite literary magazine, The Big Windows Review published. I’d love to know what you think of it. Cully fights her way up the steep hill, attacked at every step by thick alder bushes bent from last winter’s snow. Clumps […]

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Short Story in Poem Form For Fun & Inspiration:)

Lonely calls,Don’t answer.Lonely sneaks you a note, Shake your head,You’re busy.Lonely taps you on the shoulder,Brush it off.Lonely interrupts your walk.Sorry, am joining friends.Lonely scoffs.Haven’t yet met them but will, just wait.Lonely appears at the door—Sorry, wrong address.Lonely persists—Peers in the window late at night,Sees a crack,Razors forward.Stop. Turn the tables—Hey Lonely,Take my hand,Let’s grab a […]

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Dare to Real-life Write

When I read the powerful The Lie That Tells a Truth, I began thinking of a character who wasn’t me, but who’d gone through what I had and come out the other side.  Jess Cassidy burst into life. Her Next Hero begins with: He shouldn’t fly. I shoved my doubts down and shivered as my […]

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mini red hearts wallpaper

It Happened Late Valentine’s Day Night

The leftover roses whispered bloom to bloom, held thorns, then leapt from the flower shop window. The escaped roses drank in the night sky, breathed real air, rubbed buds against dandelion fluff, smiled as tired petals fluttered to the ground, rejoiced in dewy grass. Remembered the sweet taste that came from stretching roots into rich, […]

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Alaska lake with a pine forest and snow capped mountains shrouded with clouds against a blue sky

Making Dreams Come True

I’m looking at this view as I write this post. There’s a patch of blue to head toward and mountains to climb. I’m rebooting my writing career from the “dear Abby of the workplace” niche I’ve carved out to write very personal novels. Five agents are reading Her Next Hero. What about you? Are you […]

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