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Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox

Veteran management consultant and HR expert Dr. Lynne Curry provides business owners, leaders, and managers a complete roadmap for creating accountability in the workplace.

Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox contains everything business owners and managers need to hire, inspire, manage, and retain accountable, high performing, engaged employees who invest one hundred percent in their jobs.

This practical guide offers field-tested tools, strategies, and proven tactics for locating, developing and managing motivated, engaged, committed employees focused on performance, productivity, and results. Curry details pragmatic strategies that succeed despite the pandemic and that work effectively with all employees, whether they’re top talent, those who occasionally falter, or come from diverse backgrounds and generations. If you want to create a culture of accountability in your workplace and develop high-performing teams that lead your business to unparalleled levels of success, you will want this invaluable resource close at hand. This is a must read for every leader, owner, or manager.

Reviews for Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader's Toolbox

I’ve been following Lynne Curry’s superb work as a successful management consultant and coach for over 25 years. Her new book Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox fits right in line: it’s excellent. Lynne’s conversational and fast-paced writing style is wonderfully matched with her many pages of important principles for effectively leading people. Her book set me straight: “accountability” is a much broader, less onerous principle than simply holding employees’ feet to the fire to achieve workplace results. As Curry explains it, managing employees for accountability can upgrade any workplace culture. She points out that managing for accountability can inspire employees to work harder with greater job satisfaction and, as a team, become fully united toward a common goal. For a leader, what could be better than that?”
Larry D. Wood
Attorney and mediator
I love this book! Lynne Curry cuts through ‘theory’ and gives leaders specific actions they can take now to bring their organizations to new heights of success. This book is a practical guide for leaders on how to inspire and engage team members in any type of organization. Managing for Accountability outlines practical and actionable steps to attract, inspire, and motivate employees to take full responsibility for organizational success. It shows you how to motivate by linking employee goals to organizational goals, ensuring a win-win for all. Lynne Curry has distilled her decades of expertise into this short, pithy read. Your organization will benefit, and your staff will be engaged and inspired when you start using Lynne’s wise and practical advice.
Barbara Elfman Bell
Chief People & Culture Officer of Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.
Dr. Lynne Curry has long been the emergency responder for many Alaskan businesses. We have called Lynne to help us navigate the most challenging moments of growing our business from one to over two thousand employees over the last fifteen years. When a situation seemed impossibly mired in complexity and negativity, Curry would calmly and professionally chart a path out of the woods for us. In her book, Managing for Accountability, Curry has distilled the lessons of her long career creating solutions from conflict and dysfunction. She is a brilliant communicator who can distill complex strategies and techniques into accessible and action-oriented language, a skill she has clearly brought to the writing of this book. Business leaders should have this one sitting on their desk for quick reference.
Dave Stephens
Chief Executive Officer, Ouzinkie Native Corporation and Katmai Government Services
Dr. Lynne Curry has assisted me, partners, and employees through challenges for more than three decades. She’s helped us to work together professionally to achieve our potential, always focused on excellence at the end of the day. She has always been responsive, straightforward, and direct with her meaningful advice and counsel assisting me to develop and grow in leadership. Her new writing, Managing for Accountability: A Business Leaders Toolbox, will now become a top choice in my library of recommended reads. Being accountable, and teaching/training for accountability should be a focus of every business leader’s life and work.
Larry Cash
Founder and Chair of the Board, RIM Alaska, California, Guam, Hawaii
Lynne Curry is both an expert in her field and a professional with a knack for breaking challenges down and giving readers roadmaps to help them through difficulties and enabling them to see light at the end of the tunnel. Managing for Accountability is loaded with valuable information and guidance for becoming a better leader. The tools you’ll find will help you and your teams become better communicators, fostering internal and external growth.
Millie Johnson
Vice President of Shareholder Development at Chugach Alaska Corporation, a company with more than 5,000 employees
Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox’s author is brilliant, inspirational, creative, and brings a fresh and compassionate insight into the workplace. It is a comprehensive and well-written guidebook that every executive, manager, and supervisor will want on their desk. It promotes new ideas for improving employee performance, morale, and the bottom line while creating new cultures. I write this as a business leader with 35 plus years working in the resource and technology industry, government, and the nonprofit sector. This book is a necessary read for management and leaders to succeed in a changing business world, as well as creating future workplace cultures. It encourages leaders to lead by example and defines what accountability is and is not. It is a simple and humanitarian approach to sometimes complex workplace issues.
Rebecca Parker
Executive Director of the Anchorage Senior Activity Center
In Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox, Lynne Curry effectively distills forty years of experience counseling companies across the globe into a practical, step-by-step guide that helps any leader and organization create and sustain a culture of accountability. Curry provides real-life experiences and field-tested solutions to recruit, retain, and inspire high-performing teams. The strategies in Managing for Accountability are useful, simple, and put immediate results within every leader’s reach. The book is as enjoyable to read as it is valuable.
Mark D. Nelson
President and CEO, Bristol Bay Industrial, LLC
Of all the areas of business management, personnel issues are considered to be the most challenging, consuming the bulk of administrative effort and presenting some of the greatest areas of liability. Lynne Curry has long been recognized as a leading expert in the field of human resources and employee relations, bringing her creative skills to task. Curry has long been the go to person, not only for my office, but for many clients, as well. Curry has risen to the difficult task of resolving management/employee issues with a remarkable record of success in bringing the participants to mutually agreeable, positive results and to get companies back on track. Highly sought after for her unique and proven abilities. Curry now shares many of her respected talents in her book Managing for Accountability. The book is an excellent primer for all managers which should be required reading and kept close at hand as a resource to be consulted time and time again.
Attorney William Satterberg
Law Offices of William R. Satterberg Jr.
Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox has exactly the information and guidance I’ve been seeking. It’s a practical read with a no-nonsense approach. It offers an easy how-to implementation guide for dealing with real on-the-job scenarios. This is an excellent resource for leaders and managers who want to keep their people skills sharp. After my first read, I found myself going back to key points I picked up from the book. I loved how the author held me, the reader, accountable for my work performance, even as she taught me to maximize the accountability of my employees. I was successfully able to execute these tools during on-the-fly conversations with employees. Curry delivers her straight-to-the-point professional advice in a way that easily implementable. A must read!
Brooke McLaughlin
Associate Broker, The Summit Group
Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox is a must have for every leader seeking to inspire stellar performance from each and every employee. Similar to the adage that leaders are made and not born, accountability also is made and not born: it is created, ignited, and fueled by the thoughtful actions of exceptional leaders. Lynne Curry has taken her four decades of human resources expertise and loaded this book full of anecdotes, methods, and tools for optimizing the commitment and results of employees. Having worked extensively with Lynne during my tenure as a Chief Human Resource Officer in Alaska, I can attest that she is a woman of rare insight with the innovative solutions to match! She has captured her wealth of experience, paired it with compassionate common sense, and provided a text that is refreshing and insightful. This is a must read!
Gail Forrest
Senior Human Resources Consultant at Tandem HR