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Her Next Hero

Jess Cassidy is engaged to the perfect man—an adventurous, big-living pilot—but when his plane crashes in an Alaskan winter storm, so do her dreams. Once, she’d been brave and willing to take chances, but her faith in herself—and the world—goes down with her fiancé’s Beechcraft. Three years after his death, Jess is still alone, devoted to her work as a high-powered HR executive and convinced that nothing can measure up to the love she lost. Still, she’s lonely, and when her best friend urges her to post her profile on an Internet dating site, Jess reluctantly agrees. Online, Jess meets a hot, successful financial planner who checks all her boxes. Still, something about him doesn’t seem quite right—but after all this time, Jess can’t tell whether she should trust her instincts. Then a detective enters the picture and Jess finds herself drawn to him, even though he’s nothing like the ‘perfect’ man she had in mind. Things turn sinister and Jess learns falling in love might endanger her life as well as her heart. Caught between the life she thought she wanted and a completely different future, Jess faces a crossroad requiring ultimate courage.

Advance Praise for Her Next Hero, now in search of the right agent

Author Lynne Curry uses her extensive background in HR to create an authentic and compelling tale. The fast-paced dialogue and bursts of humor keep the pages turning to a satisfying conclusion.
Tina Ferraro
Author of Kiss Me, I’m Irish and Stupid Cupid
Her Next Hero explores the risks and pleasures of Internet dating. Jess, a professional woman, tries it out after the tragic death of her fiancé. But the man she chooses online isn’t who he seems. Deception and danger challenge her to become her strongest self.
Mary Wasche
Author of Escape to Alaska
The characters in Lynne Curry’s novel are engaging and authentic. She has a real gift for repartee that lends itself to a well-paced narrative. I found myself immediately trusting Jess’s integrity and sympathized with her vulnerabilities. So many women readers will champion her and discover many points of resonance with their own lives. Curry’s writing style is snappy, smart and relationally astute. The Alaskan and corporate backdrops land the reader in interesting, dimensional worlds, and connect the two in ways that will make sense to readers.
Cheryl Bostrom
Author of Sugar Birds
Author, Lynne Curry, pulls the reader right into Her Next Hero. Her realistic dialogue and the images of the Alaskan setting make the reader feel as if they are living the adventure along with her characters.
Janie Emaus
Author of Mercury in Retro Love and Before the After
A lot of Alaska stories can show us the scenery, but it takes a real insider like Lynne Curry to guide us through the interior landscapes of this romance-turned-mystery in the far north. Blending the Alaska mystique with her mid-career heroine's search for fulfillment allows Curry to write with an authoritative voice that feels equally surefooted in an Anchorage HR office or aboard a small plane in an Alaska blizzard.
Howard Weaver
Author of Write Hard, Die Free
Lynne's book is engaging and gripping at every turn. What you thought might be a romance novel turns out to be a psychological thriller of sorts. The best part—you can easily relate to the main character and her thoughts and feelings—I found myself rooting for her from the beginning. A great read.
Rachel Tey
Author of Tea in Pajamas
Curry is a writer with a strong and authentic voice. She knows how to convey characters who remain with you long after you've closed the last page of her book. Jess is a mix of integrity, wisdom, self-irony, and a desire to embrace new paths that make her more adventurous at an age when most people prefer to recoil and cocoon in their daily routines. It's a beacon of light and an encouragement to dare and experiment without fearing the unknown. Her Next Hero depicts her arc with grace and wit in the right proportions, and the unique Alaskan scenery becomes alive, woven inside the plot and setting its rhythm."
Gloria Mattioni
Author of Reckless, The Outrageous Lives of Nine Kick-Ass Women and California Sister