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Making Dreams Come True

I’m looking at this view as I write this post. There’s a patch of blue to head toward and mountains to climb.

I’m rebooting my writing career from the “dear Abby of the workplace” niche I’ve carved out to write very personal novels. Five agents are reading Her Next Hero.

What about you? Are you rebooting too?

Here’s what I know:

Clear the deck.

You can’t move quickly by dragging sludge. Whenever you want to excel in a new arena, you need to abandon bad habits. What’s stopping you? Let it go.

See the world through the eyes of belief.

I told a writing friend today, “I believe one of the five agents will say ‘yes’ and soon.”

She responded, “I have no hope.”

If you share that view, what carries you forward? When you put your hand in front of your face, you block sunshine. Here’s what I told her. Don’t let doubt lame you. Don’t let negativity flash-freeze forward-moving energy.

Dreams materialize when you take action.

You’ve seen my two furry personal trainers on this site. They challenge me to walk every day—so I walk. Last year, I also bought 8- and 10- pound weights to strength train, but the weights sit there. They don’t stare at me like these collies.

So, here’s my prayer and wish for you. Don’t let your goals drift away. Or hesitate to set goals because you didn’t achieve last year’s. Don’t worry about past mistakes; in fact, vow to make new ones. You can stall or you can start. The choice is yours.

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